BIS Ranking Rules.


The Point System will be based on International shows only and will be based on points according to the following table.

Best in Show 1 = 20 Points
Best in Show 2= 15 Points
Best in Show 3= 10 Points

Group 1= 5 Points
Group 2= 4 Points
Group 3= 3 Points


• Each country will have a Top Dog in each group and a Top Dog all breeds.
• The same dog can be Top Dog in more than one country.
• If 2 dogs tie for Top Dog, the tiebreaker will be the number of Best in Show 1, then the number of Best in Show 2, then the number of Best in Show 3.
• If 2 dogs tie in Group level, the tiebreaker will be the number of Group 1, then Group 2, then Group 3.

Austria 12 Finland 18 Montenegro 18 Slovakia 18
Belgium 15 France 34 Norway 9 Slovenia 19
Bosnia and Herzegovina 23 Germany 19 Poland 25 Spain 29
Bulgaria 44 Ukraine 55 Portugal 15 Sweden 8
Croatia 20 Hungary 26 Romania 36 Switzerland 6
Czech Republic 10 Italy 88 Russia 64 Holland 19
Denmark 10 Lithuania 17 San Marino 7
Estonia 12 Macedonia 21 Serbia 30

Junior Rules.


The Best Juniors will be recognized in each category at international shows only by a point system as follows:

Each class winner: 10 points

• At the end of the year we will have a winner from each class and they will be invited to receive their award.

BIS Ranking Rules.


Best Breeder, Best Judge, Best Show, Best Handler, Best Photographer will be nominated by a committee of other Judges, Breeders, Handlers in the sport who will be picked by the Best in Show Team.

• The winners will be chosen by a voting system, where people can pick their favorite to win.

• Winners should be not nominated again for 3 years.